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Our Services

Furnace Maintenance Rotary Breaker Service Conveyor Belt Maintenance Transfer Chutes and Bin Maintenance Pump Maintenance Supply and Erection of Scaffolding
Fabrication of Chutes Fabrication of Laddles Repair of Buckets Installation of Liners Fabrication of Structures
Pulley Bushings Cold Splices Hot Repairs Cold Repairs Scrapers & Ploughs Replacement of Idlers Installation of Belt Frames & Supply
Supply of Valves Supply of Hydraulic Pipes and Fittings Fitment of Valves and Hydraulic Pipes Supply of Hydraulic Cylinders General Repairs and Installations
Ceiling and Roofing Tiling and other Flooring Palisades and brick walling Electric Fence Painting Plumbing Partition Installation
Construction of Plinths Construction of Concrete Slabs Paving
Pumps and Water Valves Motors & Gearboxes Tools Furnace Installation and General Ducting and Pipes Building Materials Supply as per Customers Request Solar Systems VIP Toilets
Cleaning Conveyor Belts Cleaning of Toilets and Office Lashing and Unblocking of Silo and Chutes Servicing of Dust Extraction Plants Cleaning of Coal Washing Plants
Supply of Lube System Components Installation of Lube Systems on Machines Service and Repair of Lube Systems

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